About me

My name is Matteo Ripamonti, I was born on 4th March in 1991 in Italy.

At the high school I studied to become a graphic designer at Salesiani Don Bosco in Milan. After graduating I decided to improve myself and my knowledges, so I attended the ITS Angelo Rizzoli's course for multichannel.



Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works. When I'm going to create something I always apply this idea for try to achieve the best result.


I love photography. A good picture can tell something to the observer. I also made a course of photography, in Milan, where I taught how to use a camera in a correct way.


Social networks are the present and the future. They allow us to be always connected each other. Know how to use them to communicate is essetial today.


Passion is the fuel that I put in all the things I do, and that allows me to work with love. Every single project that I face is a challenge which I give my all to reach the best result.